How to Market Your Book Using Facebook

Market Book Using FacebookLearn how new and seasoned authors just like you are using the power of Facebook to promote their books to bestseller status, including low-cost, little-known tools that can help you reach your audience faster than ever before.

  • The 3 Critical Parts of a Successful Book Promotion Plan
    And why missing just one will mean fewer sales and more frustration for you
  • 2 Powerful Promotional Tools You Should Invest In
    And how to craft solid offers and irresistible calls to action to entice your fans
  • How to Promote Your Facebook Page without wasting a ton of cash on useless “likes” and less-than-ideal fans
  • Why Tracking and Follow-up are Just as Important as Your Launch
  • And how to quickly find out what’s working…and what’s NOT.
  • PLUS – You’ll discover the little-known tool marketers are using to find their ideal customer, and how you can us it, too!

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