Often when we start a new venture or try something we find difficult, our mindset plays a key role in the ultimate outcome. Our ability to succeed can turn on whether we believe we can do it or not.

Water Athlete flounderingPart of plotting success in that new venture means facing our limitations and finding ways to overcome them. We know by observing athletes who achieve seemingly impossible feats, that the mind and body can exceed limits far past what we may expect of ourselves. We all have that power within us.

An obstacle may seem insurmountable, but rather than ask yourself if you can overcome it, it’s vital to challenge yourself to figure out how you can do it.

I am in the middle of planning a new coaching business with a membership site and other features to help the small business owners I want to work with. Like anyone facing a new challenge, it’s natural to feel a little insecure and overwhelmed. Rather than throw my hands up and walk away, I have been learning from successful people who have already succeeded at what I am trying to do.

Currently, I am participating in “The Quick Start Challenge” with Dean Holland and Craig Crawford. This five-week challenge is designed to help prospective internet entrepreneurs get going quickly.

I also participate in several groups where I can network with other individuals who are pursuing their own dreams. I’ve worked with a number of small businesses and larger ones for a number of years and I’m always curious as to why some individuals give up without really trying, while others push through their limitations to reach success.

Endurance events that athletes face are no different than the challenges we face at work, in relationships or in completing goals and realizing our dreams. When you surrender your dreams to the limitations you place on yourself, you’ll never reach the vision of your true destiny.

There’s nothing deep or mystical in lifting the limitations we face in life – it just takes persistence and continuous results. One thing you can do to challenge those limitations is to list what you want to accomplish and then think about what you have to do to get there.

Start by Dreaming Big

The first step in overcoming your limitations is to dream big. By setting goals that are outside your comfort zone, you face challenges that will spur you on to even greater things. Your dreams might change as your mindset changes, or because of injuries or life-altering situations. But if you focus on the finish line, you have the best opportunity to achieve the goals you set.

Next, Prepare for the Challenges You will face

You wouldn’t swim the English Channel without preparing months (or even years) ahead for the challenges you’ll face across those treacherous waters. You need to prepare for your own journey through training, gathering knowledge and getting your body and mind in shape or anything else you can do to make sure you’ll be successful.

You may need to adjust your strategy from time to time as you learn, but eventually you’ll be on your way to the success you envision.

Now it’s Time to Put Your Plan into Motion

This can be a difficult time for some because you’re afraid of failure. After all, you’ve been thinking and preparing for the race – and now you have to make it happen. But it’s far worse to hold back and do nothing than to fail because you didn’t even try.

This is a great time to participate in a challenge with well-planned steps and activities, or to network with a support group that will force you to move forward. You need to believe in yourself. Keep in mind that you are the biggest obstacle in your way of achieving greatness and you never let self-doubt keep you in a box because you are afraid of failure.

Think like a child. Children boldly believe they can climb the highest tree or venture out into the middle of the lake. Thank goodness adults are there to hold them back. Those are true limitations.

Whether you have convinced yourself that you can’t succeed or others have made you think you can’t do it, you must move past those limiting beliefs to cross the finish line.