business-graphic with sticky notesCan you believe that it’s December? We’re all rushing around, trying to meet our goals for the past year and  preparing for the holidays. And whether you’re a working Mom or an overextended business owner, it seems as if there are not enough hours in the day.

So how do you make sure that you have taken the appropriate steps to prepare your business and your life for 2020. The classic wisdom about achieving a dream is to set a goal and develop a plan with steps to achieve it, but some of my most successful friends cringe at the mere mention of the word “goal.” That doesn’t mean they don’t plan, it’s just that they have their own systems that work for them.

I’ve been exploring this topic lately because some of the strategies I have applied in the past have proven less than effective in achieving some of my biggest goals lately. For example, I have been working on a book for several years that is still unfinished. And my efforts to redefine my business haven’t gone as well as I planned.

In fairness, I moved across country to be near family, and I live in an area that has faced two wild fire scares and a mass shooting recently. Clearly, I have suffered with overwhelm, so it was vital for me to take time to reflect.

To jump over my hurdles, I have explored every topic from procrastination and mindset  to planning methods that work for busy people and for individuals who hate the  thought of setting goals. I have tried a bunch of things like bullet journals, planning books with stickers, online planners and mind maps. They all worked to a point and I fared best any time I was able to write down my plans and check on them periodically to monitor my progress.

One of the most useful approaches for me  was to get clear on what I want to accomplish and why. It has also been helpful to take a hard look at the year we are about to wrap up to determine what worked in 2019 and what needs to be improved.

In my goal to achieve clarity, I found a great little guide that raised all of the issues I needed to plan for 2019. I’d love to share it with you here, along with the information and services I plan to share with my followers in 2019. Grab your copy of Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever while it is still available.