Marcia Ming

Getting Your Business Ready for the New Year

Can you believe that it’s December? We’re all rushing around, trying to meet our goals for the past year and  preparing for the holidays. And whether you’re a working Mom or an overextended business owner, it seems as if there are not enough hours in the day. So how do you make sure that you […]

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How to Prepare for Challenges that Push You Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Often when we start a new venture or try something we find difficult, our mindset plays a key role in the ultimate outcome. Our ability to succeed can turn on whether we believe we can do it or not. Part of plotting success in that new venture means facing our limitations and finding ways to […]

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Would you like to sell more copies of your next book?

Learn how new and seasoned authors just like you are using the power of Facebook to promote their books to bestseller status, including low-cost, little-known tools that can help you reach your audience faster than ever before. Go here to get the details and sign up for your 4-part guide to  “:How to Market & […]

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Ten Things You Need to Know about Your Competition

After evaluating your own business, it’s time to take a detailed look at the competition. Without such an evaluation, you may miss opportunities and threats that might affect your success. Here are ten things you need to know about your competition to identify your path to success. 1. Identify your competitors – The first and […]

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Vision Boards – Creative Ways to Develop a Business Plan

If you read my last post about planning your business and creating a timeline, you may have lost all of your enthusiasm — especially if you are not a numbers type.  Before you throw up your hands and give up on your entrepreneurial dreams, look for creative ways to capture your thoughts. We talked in […]

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